How to Call Someone That Blocked My Number

How to Call Someone That Blocked My Number

You need to call to someone. But he has blocked your number. Think. Why he has blocked your number? Are you bothering him? If it is not and if you are calling for legitimate reasons, this article is for you. Here you’ll find the ways of how you can call to a person who Has blocked your number. Let’s get started.

Calling From Your Own Phone

1Disguise your caller ID

Here you are hiding the phone number of your phone. Your caller ID will be listed as “hidden” and it will not be appear on the receiver’s phone. To disguise your phone number, do the following

On IOS (iPhone)

  • Go to Settings App
  • Then go to the “Phone” Section
  • Select “Show My Caller ID”
  • After that slide it to the “Off” position

For Android

  • Go to Settings and then Call Settings
  • After that tap on Additional Settings and then Caller ID
  • Tap on Hide Number

Now your calls will remain anonymous and you can override the blocked list.

2Dial *67

  • This code will block your number. Now your calls are shown as an “Unknown” or “Private” number. Here you need to enter the code before the number that you wish to dial.
    e.g.: *67-412-211-XXXX
  •  You can use this method on both home phones and cell phones as well. This would work on cell phones and home phones. However it won’t necessarily work on businesses.

3Download an app which assigns you a random phone number

  • You can download a free app that will assign you a randomly generated phone number.
    By using this number, you can call and text within the users of the app. Further they can be used to call someone who does not use the app.
  • So you can use this method of calling a person that has blocked your number.
    Here the area code of the caller is randomly generated. Therefore the receiving party will not suspect on where the call is coming from.

4Call a landline

In most cases your land-based home phones do not allow you to block numbers. So, If you can find the person’s home phone, give a call to his land phone.

5Change your number

Contact your service provider


Calling From a Different Phone

6Use a public phone

This is the easiest solution. You can simply call from a number that the receiving party has not blocked. Here they do not expect you from the other end of the phone. To do this,

  • Use any payphones in your area by spending a few coins
  • Ask to use the landline at a restaurant or shop.
  • Use a work phone.

7Ask to use a friend’s phone

Tell the situation to your friend. Ask if it is OK to use your friend’s personal phone to call to this person. Make sure that you do not use your friend’s phone to harass or threaten someone.

If you are continuously use your friend’s phone number to call to the person who has blocked your number he wouldn’t probably answering calls from that number. So that he or she may probably block your friend’s number as well.

8Consider speaking through a proxy

  • If you really need to call to the person who has blocked your number and if they are hang up as soon as they hear your voice, you can use this method.
  • Here tell the situation to your relative or your friend. Write a script. Ask him or her to call to the person on your behalf. This method would be helpful if the call blocker is a mutual friend or someone who can trust by the call blocker. The conversation can start like this

“Hello Ellie, I’m James. Ben needs to call you. I am calling on his behalf. I just want to pass along a short message, and then I’ll let you go about your day. He says; ‘[your message here]’. Sorry to bother you!”

OK. That’s it. Hopes you learn something from this.


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