How to change Zoom background on desktop and mobile app


During this pandemic situation millions of people use Zoom video chat app to study and work from home. In Zoom, it has a fun little feature which you can transform the background of the video to San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge or to outer space. Or else you can upload a photo and customize it by yourself. So that it can helps you to make a fun way to express yourself or hide the messy background behind you. Ultimately grab your participants’ attention to you. Follow these steps to change Zoom background.

Change your Zoom background on desktop

How to change Zoom background on desktop and mobile app

  1. In the App’s top right corner, click on your Profile and click on Settings
  2. On the Settings screen, click on Virtual Background
  3. There you come across few default background options provided by Zoom. You can choose one of them
  4. It will automatically change the background of the video
  5. Zoom also provides an option to use a green screen
  6. If you want to use your own picture as the background click the + icon which appears next to Choose Virtual Background and select the picture you want.
  7. It will appear along the other pictures as an option to select from.

Change your Zoom background on the mobile app

  1. In Zoom App Login to your account.
  2. Tap the three dots at the bottom right corner.
  3. Open the more menu
  4. Tap Virtual Background
  5. Select your preferred background by using the defaults provided or upload your own.

Bonus Zoom tip: Adding a beauty filter

In your zoom meetings, if you want to appear at your best, you can use this feature. It basically a softening filter. You would find this type of filters on Facetune, instagram or in your phone’s selfie camera.

To enable this feature click on Video Settings and Under My Video, check the box Touch Up My Appearance. That’s it!


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