What to Do When It’s Too Hot to Sleep?

What to Do When It's Too Hot to Sleep
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If it is hot outside and you don’t have an air conditioner, it is very hard to fall asleep. Don’t we have any solution to get and remain cool long enough and let you to have a good night sleep. This article will be on how to sleep comfortably on a hot night.


Preparing to Go to Bed

1Stop exercising a few hours before bedtime

Your body temperature will be increased and retained heat while exercising. After exercising it’ll take some time for your body to cool down. So that if you are not exercising several hours before you go to the bed will let your body to have some time to cool down.

2Drink plenty of water

Eat lots of water throughout the day. It will keep your body stay hydrated. You can also keep some water by your bedside. This will let you to sleep comfortably on such a hot night

3Avoid heavy meals

Don’t have a heavy meal or a spicy food before the bedtime. This will lead you to feel much hotter. Try to eat a light dinner. Avoid hot source and spices. Take the dinner at least two or three hours before the bedtime.

4Avoid drinking ice cold water

Drinking ice water will slow down digestion. It also slowdown metabolism and decrease hydration. As a result the ability for your body to cool down will be decreased. Therefore always try to drink room temperature water.

5Take a tepid shower or a bath

Don’t take a cold shower before the bedtime. Your body temperature may increase to counteract the cold water. Therefore have a tepid or medium cold bath before the bedtime.

Soak your feet and hands with tepid water because they are the areas in your body that tends to heat up. If you can soak them and keep them cool down, then it will regulate your blood temperature and cool you down.

6Find a cool, dark sleeping spot that is on a lower floor or in a basement

Heat tends to rise upwards. Therefore try to find a place that is lower to the ground. If you have a room that is at the basement or bottom floor select it as your bedroom. In your room sleep in a spot that is lower to the ground such as the floor in your room.

7Replace heavy bedding with lighter bedding

Remove thick mattress, heavy blankets or duvets which retain heat.
You can use light bedding like lightweight cotton weave blankets or cotton sheets on your bed
Use bamboo or straw mats for a great cool night’s sleep. Because the body heat will not retained and it will not warm you up. You can use these in the floor of your bedroom as an alternative spot to your regular bed.

8Put your bedding in the freezer


Keep your bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets in the freezer for 30 minutes before you plan to go to bed. Then place them on the bed. They will stay cool for 30 to 40 minutes. This is a sufficient time to fall asleep.

However try to avoid these.

  • Sleeping on or in wet sheets
  • Wearing anything wet
  • Bring anything that is wet into the room

These will trap dense humidity in your room. It will lead you to have discomfort if it is too hot to sleep.

9Use an air conditioner or open your windows

Open windows in your room an hour before the bedtime. This will increase the air circulation and cool down the room. However make sure to keep your windows closed before you fall asleep. This will eliminate the heating up of the room with air during the night.
Further keep the windows in your room closed during the day to avoid heating up of the room.

10Sleep in cotton clothing or wear as little as possible

  • Go for cotton sleepwear.
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics like silk and nylon because they are not breathable. They can make you feel hotter.

11Wipe your face, hands and feet with a damp cloth

You can use a moist towel or a cloth to wet your face and arms throughout the night. However do not go to bed with wet arms and face. Before you are going to bed, if you had a wash, use a dry towel to wipe your body.

You can also use special towels that are made of hyper-evaporative material that retains water, while stay in dry to the touch. They are capable of cooling you without getting your skin wet.

12Run your wrists or the inside of your arms under cold running water for 30 seconds


Blood stream inside your body flows closest to the surface through these areas. So if you can allow them to run under cold water for a while would cool your blood stream down so that it makes your whole body cooler.

Ok. Now you know the things to be followed before going to sleep. In the bed follow these steps to have a comfortable sleep comfortably on a hot night.

Stay cool in the bed

13Encourage airflow with a fan


Keep the door of your bedroom open. Place the fan in a corner of the room in such a way that it faces to your bed.

However do not point the fan to your face, your back or too close to your body. It could cause your neck muscles to stiffen. As a result it could lead to illness or allergies.

14Make an ice towel

Before Air Conditioners, people used ice packs, cooling packs or ice towels to stay in cool.

  1. Do the following to make an ice towel,
  2. Place ice cubes inside a towel.
  3. Hang it from two chairs
  4. Point a fan at the towel
  5. Place it far away from you
  6. To catch the melting ice water, place a container under the towel

15Turn your pillow to the cool side


If it is hot and if you wake up in the night, turn your pillow to the other side. It is cooler than the side, that you were slept. This is because it has not absorbed your body heat.

16Place an ice pack on your neck or forehead

You can buy cold packs in most grocery stores. Slip a cold pack under your neck, on your forehead, or under your arms, by your armpits. Cooling down the back of your neck, your forehead, and under your arms helps cool the rest of your body down as well.

Buy a cold pack from a grocery store. Slip it under your arms, neck or your forehead. This will cool not only these places, but also the rest of your body as well.

Can we make our own cold packs at home? Yes you can. Follow these steps

  1. Take a Ziploc bag
  2. Put three to four tablespoons of dish soap in to it.
  3. Place it in the freezer. Soap will not become harden. But it will retain the cold temperature longer than ice.
  4. Once you are ready to use it fold it in a towel or place it in a pillowcase and apply it to your arms or neck.
  5. Since it is versatile and not solid, it gives comfort ability to the most areas of your body.

You can also make a Rice Sock. Do the following

  1. Place the rice sock in the freezer.
  2. Leave it there for at least two hours.
  3. When you are going to sleep, bring the bag with you to use as a cool compress.

17Mist your face and neck with a spray bottle

If it is hot and if you wake up in the night take a spray bottle filled with cold water. Mist from it to your face and neck to cool down.

Follow the steps discussed in this article. Definitely you can sleep comfortably even in a hot night. If you interested, read more articles from our Health, Fitness and Sleep instructions in our website.


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