How to Know if Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

Are you in a need of connecting to someone on WhatsApp? But it’s being difficult to do so. This is because the person that you are trying to connect might have blocked you on WhatsApp. How do you confirm that? Actually there is not a sure way of telling that you’ve being locked.

Follow these steps to confirm your suspicious.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on Chats which is at the bottom of the screen. Now you can see a list of your conversations.
  • Tap on the conversation that you have with the person you need to connect (the person that you think who has blocked you).
  • Now you see the conversation you had with that person.

1Check whether that the user is Online

  • If the user has opened WhatsApp on his screen right now, you’ll see the word ”Online” at the top of the conversation. Then you are not blocked.
  • If you don’t see the word “Online,” the reason may be one of the followings:
    • The person does not open WhatsApp on his screen.
    • He might have blocked you.

2Take a look at the Last Seen timestamp

  • If your intended user is not currently “Online,” then you may see “Last Seen” at the top of the chat, together with the date and time they last opened the app.
  • If you don’t see this information, it might be because of the following reasons
    • The user has disabled this feature for privacy purposes.
    • Your friend might blocked you on WhatsApp

3Look for two check marks next to a sent message

  • When you send a message to a contact on WhatsApp, if it is not blocked you will see two check marks to the right of the timestamp. If the message has been sent, then one check mark will appear and once it is delivered to the recipient, then the other check mark will appear.
  • If the second checkmark never appears, this is because of three reasons.
    • The recipient might have blocked you.
    • The recipient’s phone is out of service
    • They might have uninstalled the app.

4Look for profile changes

  • Tap on the person’s name at the conversation to view his profile.
  • If you know that the person has change his status or profile picture, and the changes are not visible to you, then you might have blocked.

5Try calling the user

Tap on the phone receiver icon at the top-right corner of a chat. This will initiate a voice call to that user. If the call does not start ringing, the reason might be one of the followings

  • The recipient has blocked you.
  • They have disabled voice calls in their privacy settings.


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