TV Size for Room Guide – What Should you Buy?

What size of TV should you buy

Are you willing to buy a new TV for your TV area? How do you select the perfect match for it? TV size can affect to the picture and audio quality and how well the TV fits into your room as well. Your individual preferences may also effect to the buying preferences too. Sometime you may prefer a more basic and smaller one while others may prefer a large flat screen with latest technology TV.

So read this article before you buying your next TV. We’ll let you know how to determine the best size for your needs mainly for your family room television, but the same principles will work for your bedroom and office as well.

1Screen size and resolution

Please note that the TV screen sizes are measured diagonally. That means a 40-inch screen measures 40 inches from one corner to the opposite corner. But the actual width and height will be different.
Then you’ll have to consider the resolution of the TV. Because if you are having a high resolution TV, you can sit and watch close to the TV before you notice pixelation of an image. That means you can sit closure to a 4K TV (3840 x 2160) and watch a movie than you could in a 1080p TV.

2Room size and TV position

Consider the room that you intend to fix the TV. Do you intend to setup the TV by using the included stand or use a wall mount to hang it. If your intention is to fix the television with the included stand, it should be set on a table or entertainment unit. As a result the TV set will be placed closer to the viewer. Have an idea on what type of furniture that you intend to set it on. Some sets have relatively narrow stands, but others, like the 65-inch models has extended their back nearly 10-inches with the stand attached.

3How to calculate the best TV size for your room

First measure the distance in between where you plan to mount your TV and where you plan to sit. Even though there are many formulas to calculate the best viewing distance many industry experts recommends a distance of 1.5-2.5 times of your screen size for a 1080p TV. This means, if you have a 42-inch TV, to have a comfortable and immersive experience you should sit 84 inches (7 feet) away from the TV. That is you can simply consider it as a factor of 2:1 which is easy to remember. To have a comfortable viewing distance, just double the screen size.

If your preference is for a 4K ultra high definition TV, this formula changes a bit. For a ideal viewing distance it is between 1 and 1.5 time of your screen size. This is because it has a high increase resolution. So if you if you bought a 42-inch TV, it should positioned 42 to 63 inches away from where you plan to sit.

4What’s comfortable for you?

Usually televisions are places 9 feet away from the TV watcher. Since the viewer is sitting far away from the TV, the pixels don’t factor into the equation. So, feel free to experiment with the placement of your new television.

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